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  • Name: BFBP-SD01D multifunctional arm type anti-riot shields
  • NO.: BFBP-SD01D
  • Time: 2017-12-11
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BFBP-SD01D multifunctional arm type anti-riot shields

We designed for the law enforcement personnel in the implementation of the task, encountered violence against law self-defense design. Compared with the original shield, the product features:

1, easy to carry. The product is small size, easy to carry, law enforcement violence is often encountered in emergencies, the size of the original shield is not convenient to carry daily;

2, flexible use. Because of the small size of the product, it is flexible to use, and it does not affect the use effect in the narrow space;

3, high level of protection. The product is made of reinforced metal material, and its strength is much higher than PC;

4, strong function: products can be protected, lighting, explosion, flash, attack. Front end attack head for active attack;

5, material: aluminum alloy

weight: 1.95KG

size: 694 x 289mm;

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