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  • Name: D-SD25 flashlight
  • NO.: D-SD25
  • Time: 2017-11-23
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D-SD25 flashlight

Function: strong light, weak light, flash;

Battery capacity: 8000mAh;

Bulb power: CREE 10W high power;

The service life is not less than 100000h;

Working hours: 16h (strong light), 32H (working light);

Size: 38X90X358mm;

Weight: 554g.


Flashlight instructions and precautions: high brightness, high light, high seismic performance of waterproof flashlight, super white light range of up to 1000 meters, superior quality, high technology content, is one of the only all-weather working environment of the lighting products in the portable high brightness lighting products; appearance by high strength aviation Aluminum Alloy manufacturing. Beautiful shape, smooth, firm structure, reasonable, and has good waterproof performance, reliable operation of high temperature protection device, simple, easy to carry. The characteristics of the work without delay light phenomenon, spectral color performance, light intensity, according to the work needs, hand-held lighting, lighting time up to 16 hours; widely used in a wide range of search scene cloth lamp lighting, it can fundamentally solve the field or without power supply, can provide normal the search scene lighting demand; for the public security patrol, fire command, border patrol, electrical repairs, business unit guards, night emergency search, flood prevention, and can also be used for signal communication and azimuth display purposes; humanized packaging and design can be used to carry a portable, hand-held or shoulder way, so it can be more convenient for you. Performance features: the United States imported CREE light source, high light efficiency, ultra high brightness, color temperature of 6500K, light star white, imported tempered glass lens, high transmittance. The reflecting cup adopts aluminum alloy material, the heat radiation effect is good, the reflection efficiency is high, and the concentration is highly concentrated, and the utility model is especially suitable for places needing high definition illumination in the dark. Power supply: built in high storage battery, high capacity, long service life, low self discharge, no memory, no external power supply line; safe and reliable: the United States imported CREE light source, long service life of one hundred thousand hours; stable performance; intelligent circuit design, equipped with overcharge and over-discharge and short-circuit protection device, prolong the service life of lamps; design of switch function humanization, switchable light and flashing function. It can be used for signal indication and azimuth display. Waterproof performance: imported materials are precision machined and fully sealed designed. It can be used normally in heavy rain and has excellent waterproof performance.

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