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  • NO.: S SD-01
  • Time: 2017-11-20
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1. Structure: blue light flashlight for front switch, prevent rolling cylindrical structure, the handle unit, the hexagonal attack epicranium, lighting (including charging switch components), battery, end cap and lanyard;

2. Color: strong light flashlight body surface is matte black (the hard anodic oxidation treatment), design, style and logo is silvery white, hang rope is black;

3. Weight:190g( with battery)

4. Size: attack head size 35 mm + / - 1 mm, handle size is 27 mm + / - 1 mm, length (excluding hang rope) 150 mm + / - 2 mm;

5. Material: 6061 - T6 aluminum alloy shell

6. Battery: capacity of 2200 mah, lithium ion rechargeable battery has the overcharge protection, discharge protection, short circuit function;

7. Led source:1W high power led

8. Switch changing work patterns: strong light-weak light –strobe light-strong light

9. Strong light strobe frequency :8HZ-10HZ

10. Led angle:4°-7°

11. Shell strength: strong light flashlight to withstand 980 n of radial pressure, strong light flashlight deformation

12. Medallion durability:  more than 30000 times

13. Hang rope strength: hang rope under 50 n tensile fracture

14. The outer: shell temperature rise is not more than 25 k

15. Plug connection reliability. Insert the plug pulled out 3000 times, can normal charge

16. Strong performance: the initial state into the light pattern, the initial intensity of illumination from the center of 5 m in multi-beam acuity 120 lx;Battery initial state into light mode, continuous lighting, 200 min, illuminance values from the center of 5 m in multi-beam acuity 100 lx;

17. Initial weak light intensity of illumination: battery initial state into weak light mode, from the center of 1 m in multi-beam initial intensity of illumination for the 120 lx - 180 lx;

18. Damp and hot resistance: the temperature 45 ℃ + 2 ℃, humidity of 95% plus or minus 2% RH environment continue to place after 48 h, can work normally;

19. Good low temperature resistance performance: in - 20 ℃ + 2 ℃ environment continue to place after 2 h, can normal use

20. Drop reliability: since the 1.5 mm height, strong light flashlight to horizontality, head down and tail down state, respectively, fall to the cement ground, strong light flashlight without crack, broken;

21. open outfit: don't use tools, the smooth completion of main components of the decomposition and assembly, can work normally after assembly;

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