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  • Name: D-SD17L Explosion-proof lamp light work
  • NO.: D-SD17L
  • Time: 2017-11-17
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D-SD17L Explosion-proof lamp light work

Widely used in railway, electric power, public security, fire protection, petroleum, petrochemical, and other enterprises, in various kinds of operation, accident emergency, exception handling the need for high brightness range mobile explosion-proof lighting lamps and lanterns, can work in all kinds of inflammable and explosive places and other safety work on site.This product safety explosion-proof, efficient and reliable, practical energy-saving, waterproof and durable.

Mainly specification:

Rated voltage: DC 24V

Rated power: 35W

Luminous flux: 3200lm

Average service life: more than 2000h

Battery charging time:8h

Battery using life: more than 1500(recycle)

Size : 220*246*646mm

Explosion level: ExdIICT4

Continuous discharge time: more than 10h

Weight :15kg

Light source: HID xenon lamp

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