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  • Name: SD-X26C Taser stun gun
  • NO.: SD-X26C
  • Time: 2017-10-08
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SD-X26C Taser stun gun

1,effectiveness: in the launching test, 500 of the 100% subjects lost their autonomous control ability, clear head and normal language ability;

2, long-term effect: no (except for eye injury and fall caused by accidental injury);

3,conductance range: 7 meters;

4, digital control mode of work:

(1) single pull trigger: a pulse of 19 pulses per second in the first 5 seconds and a pulse of 12 pulses per second in the next 5 seconds.

(2) continuous trigger 2 or 3 times the situation: in the first 10 seconds of the discharge time, 5 seconds before launch of the 19 times a second pulse, suspended 1, suspended in a second pulse, the subsequent 4 seconds to launch 12 times a second, then second times per second to 12 pulse discharge. The pause; second, then third times per second for pulse discharge, 12 times.

5, if the two electrodes did not hit the target thick clothing, the electric wave produced by the electric needle was transmitted through the air, so that it could subdue the target. In the front of a Taser stun gun with two electrodes can be used as a defibrillator;

6, breakdown clothing thickness: about 2 inches (can penetrate 2 layers leather clothing);

7, shooting target recovery time: vary from person to person, usually for a few minutes;

8, laser red dot sight: (with a gun);

9, lighting: there is LED (gun body comes with);

10. Safety: safety switch to prevent accidental emission;

11,input voltage: CR123A battery with low discharge technology, the remaining power is about ninety percent after 10 years;

12 ,test peak voltage 50KV, work load voltage 30 thousand volts;

13,pulse wave output: 25-28KV 19 Hz.

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