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  • Name: TJG 600-SD01 PC T-shape baton
  • NO.: TJG 600-SD01
  • Time: 2017-09-30
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TJG 600-SD01   PC T-shape baton

PP:3.1*58cm   460g

PC:3.1*58cm   580g

1 Structure: T batons consists of rod body and T-end ,rod body is divided into grip end and hit end, the handle grip and T-end grip has T-tube dark grain,T shape end has Anti-stripping structure

2  Color: All in black

3 Size: Total length of rod body is 600mm, length of handle is 160mm, length of T-shape:150mm, diameter of body :31.6mm , The diameter of handle part is 30.0mm

4 weight: 578g

5 The rigid performance:2000N of static pressure on T-batons, keep 30s,The body does not crack or break ,residual deformation less than 5mm

6 Resilient performance: After 1000 times of consecutive punches, The T-batons stick body does not crack or break.

7 T end strength: 1500N static pressure on the end of T type , keep 30s , does not crack or break.

8 Flame retardant: T batons have flame retardancy, surface burning time less than 5s

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