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  • Name: ZBQ SD-S1E Constraint trap
  • NO.: ZBQ SD-S1E
  • Time: 2017-09-28
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1 Material: Main body , constrictive part is made up of high Aluminium alloy. Its diameter is 34±1mm, Thickness:2mm, Diameter of constrictive part is 28mm±1mm,thickness:2mm

2 Diameter: Longest working length 210cm,shortest working length 130cm;Fork maximum opening distance is 29cm , Fork minmum diameter is 12cm ,

3 weight:2.16kg

4 Fork opening performance:Fork can from locking conversion to opening ,conversion time cost less than 3s

5 Fork lock sensitivity :less than 50N

6 Fork operation reliability : 1000 times no failure operation

7 Fork tension resistance: 500N

8 Tensile resistance properties: 500N

9 Bending resistance performance: 500N

Executive standard:Q/SD14-2015 Constraint trap

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