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  • Name: Conjoined handcuffs LK-SD02
  • NO.: LK-SD02
  • Time: 2017-09-20
  • Views : 28

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Weight: 1.28kg

Handcuffs: hands, feet

It consists of 1 handcuffs, 1 shackles and links, and keys

Space between handcuffs and Shackles: 1200 ± 50mm

Spacing between handcuffs: 160 ± 10mm

Spacing between the Shackles: 600±10mm

The handcuffs, Shackles: plate structure

Maximum inside diameter of handcuffs: 75 ±5mm

Maximum diameter of Shackles: 100 ±5mm

Total weight: 1230 ± 50g

Anti dialing performance: anti dial time > 2min

Locking performance: when locked, the 1500N will not appear loose or fail under the static pressure

Handcuffs, shackles, keys, open each other: no!

Connector tensile strength: > 2940N

The handcuffs, shackles were applied 2200N in the horizontal and vertical static pressure, not to be opened, no deformation, no crack

Outer packing: Oxford cloth packing

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