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  • Name: YSD-SD-3G2 (magnetic chuck type) police restraint belt
  • NO.: YSD-SD-3G2
  • Time: 2017-09-20
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1.YSD-SD-3G2 (magnetic chuck type);

2. Size: S/M/L;

3. Color: black;

4. Structure:  the police restraint belt is made up of the strap of the ankle, the wrist binding belt, and the belt of the elbow. The belt is made of nylon braid.

5. Material: It is made of nylon 6 braided belt and the specification is divided into 50mm and 60mm

6. Weight: 1040g;

7. Type: lock buckle type / magnet

8. Dimensions: the ankle strap from left and right wrist strap, locking and connecting chain, ankle foot strap buckle bandwidth 50mm, adjustable length, inner perimeter for a minimum of 270mm, maximum 370mm; the adjusting hole is single hole spacing is 35mm; the wrist restraints by nylon belt, braided belt made of left and right hand wrist strap, metal lock and metal chain connected. Belt width 60mm, belt buckle with adjustable length, the length of the belt buckle together

The inner perimeter is divided into three sizes (S: 650950mm, M: 8501150mm, L: 10501350mm), and the adjusting hole is single hole with a distance of 55mm. Wrist bandwidth 50mm, the minimum internal perimeter of 195mm, the largest 205mm, the adjustment hole is single hole, the distance is 30mm. The metal connecting chain length of 280mm; the elbow bondage with nylon braided belt made of 50mm wide, which can adjust the length of 800mm ~ 1075mm, the adjusting hole for single hole spacing is 55mm;

9. Anti-friction fastness of belt body,dry rubbing: level 4; wet rubbing: level 4-5;

10. Kam strap buckle and buckle strength: kam clasp buckle and buckle strength is 9.1N/cm²;

11. Tensile strength: the metal connector of wrist binding belt and ankle binding belt does not show the phenomenon of belt fracture and lock loosening after the static tension of 4000N. Wrist binding belt, wrist binding belt, wrist bound belt, and elbow strap lock point lock point in the bearing of 4000N static pull without any shedding and sliding phenomenon;

12. Durability: the number of work of police restraint with metal locking buckle  6000 times;

13. Corrosion resistance: the corrosion resistance level of the metal parts is 8, and the spray period is 8h. The metal lock is open, easy and flexible after the test.

Executive standard: "GA814-2009" police restraint strap

Test no. : police inspection (commission) no. 1250326

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