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  • Name: Telescopic fork YC SD-S1B
  • NO.: YC SD-S1B
  • Time: 2017-09-20
  • Views : 9

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1, Material: main rod, reduction rod, fork head, made of 1.0mm thick stainless steel tube

2, Size: main rod diameter 33mm, rod diameter 26mm, fork tube diameter 22mm, fork outer circle diameter is 450mm, work length 2200mm, carrying length 1250mm

3, Weight: 1.81kg

4, Reliability: expansion self-locking after 1000 times, the fork can be used normally

5, Reliable locking performance: a telescopic fork is in working state, the handle and the fork head in the axial static pressure 1000N, locking device, the connection does not appear off the lock, rod reducing phenomenon

6, Fork head tension performance: in the fork head two open end of the 500N tension, fork head should not be distorted deformation, between the fork and the contraction rod between the joint does not appear crack, fracture phenomenon

7, Bending resistance: 200N

8, The corrosion resistance of a telescopic fork: corrosion grade 6, spray cycle is 12h

Executive standard: Q/SD09-2015 "YC SD S1B" fork

Test No.: Beijing Police Inspection No. 1530363rd

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