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  • Name: YC SD-S1L Anti-riot waist fork
  • NO.: YC SD-S1L
  • Time: 2017-09-20
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1: Material: Riot waist fork main pole, contraction rod uses high-strength aluminum alloy coffin

2. The main rod diameter: 34±1mm

3, wall thickness: 2mm

4, The outer diameter of the rod: 28±1mm

5, Wall thickness: 2mm

6, Size: Anti Riot waist fork maximum working length: 232cm

Minimum working length: 153cm

The maximum opening distance of fork head: 84cm

The minimum diameter of the fork head: 2.8cm

7, Weight: 2.3kg

8, Fork head opening performance: fork head can be locked from the state quickly converted to the open state, the conversion time: <3S

9, The fork head locking sensitivity: ≤50N

10, Fork head operation reliability: fork head after 1000 times the open state and lock state, cycle use, can work properly

11, Fork head anti tension performance: fork minimum diameter, in the 500N tension, fork head does not appear open and fracture phenomenon

12, Tensile resistance: Anti Riot lumbar fork in long working condition, fork head in the smallest diameter position, fork head and main shaft axial can withstand 500N pulling force

13, Bending resistance: 500N

Executive standard: "Q/SD15-2015" telescopic fork

Test-no. : Shanghai public examination No. 158747

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