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  • Name: YSC-SD01 Constraint bed
  • NO.: YSC-SD01
  • Time: 2017-07-24
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Specifications: 2000 * 900 * 610mm
          (long) (wide) (high)
Bed board: 2mm high capacity board
Material: steel pipe or stainless steel pipe
The YSC-SD series is a kind of constraint bed to be bound by the chest, limbs were tied, limiting their ability to reach the behavior of quiet down a mandatory restraint device, so as to avoid the mental patient, drunkenness, seizure of hallucinogenic drugs to harm others or self harm incidents.
Main parameter:
1: Material: bed frame: round steel pipe, square steel tube / round stainless steel tube, square stainless steel tube. The wall thickness is 2mm
2, strength: tensile strength of bedstead is larger than 345MPa, more than 180N/mm - component butt welded joint
3, maximum load: 2000N
4, restraint belt and bed board link strength: 500N
5, restraint band and locking resistance tensile strength: 1000N
6, the maximum lift angle: 50 degrees from the bed
7, the corrosion resistance of more than 6 level
Attached: Rail removable

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