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  • Name: TBX-SD17 Multi-functional combat vest
  • NO.: TBX-SD17
  • Time: 2017-07-19
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TBX-SD17 Multi-functional combat vest

Color: Camouflage

Material: Oxford cloth

Sewing stitch density: 7 stitches /30mm~11 stitches /30mm;

Nylon bond strength not less than 7.0N/c㎡;

Strength of connection belt ≥2000N;

Fabric: PVC coating,

Breaking strength longitude ≥3600N, latitude ≥3000N;

Zipper flat strength: ≥600N;

Color fastness to friction: dry friction ≥3~4 grade;Wet friction ≥3~4 grade;

Tensile strength: ≥1500N(25mm), ≥2280N (38mm);

Strong connection of plunger buckle ≥600N

Function: Can carry a variety of single police equipment, such as police flashlight, water bottle, telescopic baton, handcuffs, ammunition clip, tear ejector, etc

Features: According to the design of human body engineering, quick response to combat, wear comfortable labels can be customized according to customer requirements

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