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  • Name: Y SD-03N third generation Oxford black belt
  • NO.: Y-SD-03N
  • Time: 2015-09-12
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Y SD-03N  third generation Oxford black belt

Specification size: main (horizontal) belt specification 1100mm-1400mm

Supporting equipment: ①Handcuff cover ②Intercom cover ③Glare flashlight cover ④Police work bag ⑤Police water bottle cover ⑥Baton cover ⑦Pistol cover ⑧Tear gas jet cover ⑨Diagonal strap

Note: It can be configured as required

Color: white/black, the brazing brazier for the belt is matt silver-white (nickel-plated);

Weight: 1.38kg;

Structure composition: waist belt, diagonal hanging bag, handcuff cover, walkie-talkie cover, strong light flashlight cover, police work bag, police water bottle cover, police baton cover, pistol cover, tear gas sprayer cover;

Material specifications: the belt brazing brazing is made of zinc alloy, and the belt body is 429dtex/48F nylon woven belt;

Formaldehyde content: <300mg/kg.

Executive standard: "GA890-2010 Multifunctional Nylon Belt for Police Equipment for Single Police Equipment"

Inspection No.: Public Shanghai Inspection 158753

Key words : Multifunctional belt