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  • Name: FGST-SD T1 cut proof gloves
  • NO.: FGST-SD T1
  • Time: 2015-08-03
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FGST-SD T1  cut proof gloves

1. Material: stainless steel wire core wire, high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, polyester low-elastic wire, latex rubber band;

2. Structure: wrist, palm, back of hand and fingers of police cut-proof gloves are in the coverage range of cut-proof layer;

3. Specifications: S/M/L/XL;

4. Color: white/black;

5. Adaptability of wearing: police anti-cutting gloves are easy to wear, take off, breathable, good tactile feeling, good hand feel, and do not affect joint bending;

6. Anti-cutting performance: the special glove cutting machine is used, the blade pressure is set at 20N, and the blade speed is set at 20r/min. The police anti-cutting gloves tested are cut for 5 times in the direction of the palm or back perpendicular to the fingers, the number of cutting weeks each time is not less than 7 weeks, and the cutting resistance coefficient is 2.51;

7. Adaptability to climate and environment :-20 ~ +55℃

Execution standard: "GA614-2006 police anti-cutting gloves"

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