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  • Name: FDK□J-SD01-M Metal Bulletproof Helmet
  • NO.: FDK□J-SD01-M
  • Time: 2015-07-30
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FDK□J-SD01-M  Metal Bulletproof Helmet

1.□ is bulletproof level, protection level: 1~3;

2. Structure: The bulletproof helmet is composed of a helmet shell, chin strap, and a helmet top suspension system. The helmet body is die-casted with 2.5mm-thick bulletproof steel plate;

3. Color: the outer surface of the helmet shell is "99" green;

4. Size: L (large), M (medium), S (small);

5. Protection area: 0.125m2;

6. Weight: 2070g;

7. Strength of the wearing device: Place a 45kg weight on the mid-sagittal position of the chin belt, and the attachment will not break or slip within 3 minutes, and the emergency trip will not be disengaged or damaged;

8. The lateral rigidity of the helmet: the amount of deformation is 4.1mm, and the amount of residual deformation is 1.5mm;

9. Anti-ballistic performance: Use 54-type 7.62mm pistol and 51-type 7.62mm pistol bullets (lead core) to conduct shooting tests after high temperature and low temperature tests on bulletproof helmets at a distance of 5m. Under effective hit conditions, each helmet receives 5 bullets. Can not be penetrated, the height of the bullet mark is 5.5mm.

Executive standard: "GA 293-2012 Police Bulletproof Helmets and Masks"

Inspection No.: Public Police Inspection (Commission) No. 1150326

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