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  • Name: FDK□F-SD01-M Non-metallic bulletproof helmet (with ear protection)
  • NO.: FDK-F-SD01-M
  • Time: 2015-07-30
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FDK□F-SD01-M  Non-metallic bulletproof helmet (with ear protection)

1. □ is bulletproof level,Protection level: 1~2 level

2. Structure: The bulletproof helmet is composed of a helmet shell and a suspension buffer system. The helmet shell is laminated and formed by aramid fiber dipped woven fabric.

3. Size: L (large), M (medium), S (small)

4. Protection area: 0.125m²

5. Weight: 1390g

6. The lateral rigidity of the helmet shell: the amount of deformation is 13.6mm, and the amount of residual deformation is 7.3mm

7. Flame retardancy: the continuous burning time of the outer surface of the helmet shell is less than 5S,

8. Chin belt strength: the firmness of the chin belt emergency release> 500N, release or break when the external force> 1000N

9. Environmental adaptability: -25℃~+55℃

Executive standard: "GA293-2012 Police Bulletproof Helmet Mask"


Public Police Inspection (Commission) No. 1550504

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