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  • Name: FBK-O-SD-03 European style anti-riot helmet
  • NO.: FBK-O-SD03
  • Time: 2015-07-30
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FBK-O-SD-03  European style anti-riot helmet

1. Structure: Consists of a shell, a buffer layer, a cushion, a mask, and a wearing device. The face mask is divided into two types: straight face and curved face;

2. Material: The shell is made of engineering plastics. The buffer layer is made of foam and soft energy-absorbing material, and the face mask is made of PC material;

3. Mask light transmittance: ≥85%;

4. Environmental adaptability: -20℃~+55℃;

5. Penetration resistance: withstand the puncture with energy ≥88.2J, and the drop hammer will not penetrate the police anti-riot helmet and contact the test head mold during puncture;

6. Buffer layer: police anti-riot helmet has a buffer layer that can absorb collision energy;

7. Weight: ≤1.5㎏

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