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  • Name: FBP-BL-SD3C Metal Anti-riot Shield
  • NO.: FBP-BL-SD3C2
  • Time: 2015-07-23
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FBP-BL-SD3C   Metal Anti-riot Shield

1. Material: The shield body is made of 2.5mm thick alloy plate. The structure of the transparent observation window is 3.3mm thick PC board + metal mesh +2.0mm thick PC board from the impact surface.

2. Size: 90×50cm;

3. Quality: 3.63kg;

4. Observation window size: 240mm(W)×125mm(H);

5. Protective area: 0.45m2, width of shield: 50cm;

6. Grip connection strength: 500N;

7. Arm belt connection strength: 500N;

8. Light transmittance: 76.4%;

9. Impact strength: 147J;

10. Pierce resistance: 147J;

11. Impact strength: the linear velocity of the hitting point is 18m/s±0.3m/s, and the impact energy is 342J±13J;

12 environmental adaptability: -30℃±2℃~55℃±2℃;

13. Color: black/police blue/army green.

Executive standard: GA 422-2008 riot shield

Inspection No. : Gongpolice Inspection (Wei) No. 1250229

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