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  • Name: ZHDP-T-SD combination shield
  • NO.: ZHDP-T-SD
  • Time: 2015-07-23
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ZHDP-T-SD   combination shield

Police riot shield has 1.2 meters, 1.6 meters of two specifications, through up and down, left and right combination into a variety of tactical protection wall, the shield body protection area is large, can effectively resist all kinds of missiles except guns, guns, bullets, effectively block the attack of the other party, cover the advance and retreat of people behind.

Material: transparent PC;

Thickness: 3mm;

Specification: 1200×500×3.0mm(small)

1600 * 500 * 3.0 mm (large)

Weight: 5.2kg(small)/6.2kg(large);

Executive standard: GA 422-2008 riot shield

Technical specification for combined anti-riot shield (enterprise standard)

Test No. : Gongjing Inspection No. 1231291

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