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  • Name: D-SD13L portable lift emergency lighting
  • NO.: D-SD13L
  • Time: 2015-07-16
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D-SD13L portable lift emergency lighting

Rated voltage: 24V

Lamp panel:

Working voltage: 24v

Lamp power: 2*35W

Lamp lumiuous flux:3200Lm

Bulb average service life: 10000h

Continuous working time :24h

Gas telescopic rod:

Min height: 1500mm

Max raised height: 2800mm

Battery pack

 Rated voltage: 24V

 Rated capacity: 100Ah

Charging current: 10-15A

Charging time: 12-16h

Outside dimensions:

 Lamp panel with led pole(length*width*height): 280*100*320mm

 Battery base(length*width*height): 590*480*540mm


 Lamp panel: 6kg

 Gas telescopic rod/battery pack: 3.5/50kg

Lighting brightness:

 Wide range, high brightness, range far, bulb life is long, is composed of two 35 w xenon headlamps lamp holder.The three-section telescopic air as lifting adjusting way, the biggest rise height is 2.8 meters;Each lamp can adjust do up and down, left and right sides, the whole lamp plate with adjustable gas pole for do 360 ° rotation axis, lamp holder around four under high power LED flash, the warning effect is obvious.

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