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  • Name: ST-SD01D Electric gloves
  • NO.: ST-SD01D
  • Time: 2015-07-15
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ST-SD01D Electric gloves

Suitable for all kinds of launching such as counter-terrorism, swat,interpol,narcotics,plainclothes, flight is responsible for defend the capture of first line of police officers.

1 structure: Electric shocking gloves is made of gloves ,control box ,electrode,and charger.

2 Material: Leather

3 Size: standard size

4 weight: Electric gloves every pair weight is 0.25kg

5 working power: 3.7v 2000mAh high performance Li-battery, with over discharge protection

6 Method of Charging: Intelligent charging ,will stop when full

7 The insulation perfromance: under normal atmospheric pressure, electrode slice of 1.2 and the gloves>1000m insulation resistance between the lining.

8 Control switch reliability: the power switch after opening and closing the cycle of 1000 times, can work normally

9. The anti-fatigue performance: electric gloves after 1000 times of curved and flat circle, no fracture surface, the basic electrical  shocking performance can work .

10 Environmental adaptability: under the condition of - 20  to 50 , no fracture surface, the basic electrical performance can work.

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