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  • Name: SD-1121 self-defense device
  • NO.: SD-1121
  • Time: 2015-07-15
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SD-1121 self-defense device

(1)SD-1121 self-defense device is our company newly developed anti-riot batons ,simple operation, attractive appearance,suitable for schools ,agencies,wharf, airport and other units of public security , patrol using .

(2)Mainly features:

1 High strength ABS plastic injection molding ,high strength, light quality

2 Light use high power LED as light source, high illumination , long life, Free maintenance time more than 100000 hours

3 High voltage electric shock dual protecton , avoid wrong operation

4 Bulit-in rechargeable circuit ,charging more convenient

(3) Mainly specification

Specification: 34*300mm

Function: high voltage electric shocking, strong flashlight(1W LED)

Method of charging: charger

Material: High ABS

Weight: 250g 

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