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  • Name: XJY-SD03 Sober chair
  • NO.: XJY-SD03
  • Time: 2015-07-14
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XJY-SD03  Sober chair

Main technical parameters

1, mMaterial: solid wood, leather back, cushion

2. Body parts: chest and limbs

3. Human body restraint mode: nylon burr buckle

4, Back down: yes

5, Back down: manual

6. Maximum inverted Angle of backrest: 135 ° ±2 °

7. Size: total width of chair: 710±20mm;Seat inner diameter 520 (wide) ×550 (long) mm±20mm;Handrail height: 660±20mm;Handrail width: 90±5mm;Seat height: 450±20mm;Backrest height (erect) : 1180±50mm

8. Whether there is a fixed iron plate on the four legs: yes

9. Strength of fixed connection between constraint belt and chair frame: ≥500N

10. Tensile strength of restraint band: ≥1000N

11. Maximum load: 2000N

12. Velcro fastening strength: > 7.0n /cm ^ 2

Scope of application: XJY-SD03 sober chair is mainly used for mandatory restraint of alcoholics, so as to avoid the loss of life and property to others due to the expansion of the situation. It can also be used for flexible law enforcement in such events as psychosis and hallucination-induced drug abuse

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