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  • Name: XJY-SD01 Sober chair
  • NO.: XJY-SD01
  • Time: 2015-07-14
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XJY-SD01 Sober chair

XJY-SD01 sober chair is a soft package sofa, which can be used as an ordinary chair or fixed to the legs, chest and arms of people through binding belt, so that people's behavior is restrained and it is an effective way to prevent drunkness

The alcohol personnel in the consciousness is not sober under the circumstance to cause trouble, also may serve as the public security police to deal with the flexible event the binding instrument.Sober chair by armrest, binding belt, pull switch, back, seat, baseboard composition.


1. Pull the pull switch on the right armrest side of the sober chair, and then automatically pop up and rotate by the baseboard.

2,. according to the need to manually adjust the back Angle.

3. The binding belt binds the chest, arms and legs of the restraint.

4. remove the shackles, will rely on the baseboard to push into the body, when hearing the sound of "click", rely on the baseboard positioning.

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