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  • Name: SDTA-1C handheld High Performance Metal Detector
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  • Time: 2011-10-24
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SDTA-1C handheld high-performance metal detector

1. Structure: The hand-held metal detector can detect metal objects, and the detection sensitivity can be adjusted. It is powered by a DC9V battery; the battery is built-in and easy to replace or charge. The battery part is effectively isolated from the battery compartment to avoid corrosion by battery leakage;

2. Material: engineering ABS;

3. Shell protection level: meet the IP31 requirements of GB4208;

4. Dimensions (mm): 416 (length) × 85 (width) × 43 (thickness);

5. Weight: 460g (including battery);

6. Power supply: A) Use common types of batteries for power supply, with a supply voltage of ≤15V; B) Continuous work ≥40h;

7. Detection ability: C level;

8. Alarm sound: the alarm sound is 76dB;

9. Recovery of the alarm state: the detector has the ability to automatically restore the alarm state. After leaving the specified distance of the alarm test object, the alarm indication will stop immediately;

10. Environmental adaptability: indoor working type: 5℃~40℃±2℃; outdoor working type: -20℃~55℃±2℃

Executive standard: "GB12899-2003 General Technical Specification for Handheld Metal Detectors"

Detection number: Gongjingjian No. 1212381

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