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  • Name: XWY-SD-1 Interrogation chair
  • NO.: XWY--SD-1
  • Time: 2015-07-13
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1. color: hidden blue;
2., material: the main frame using Phi 32mm, wall thickness 1.5mm steel tube, the back of the chair and handrails use Phi 10mm, wall thickness 1.5mm steel tube production. Seat and chair surface shall be covered with 1.5mm thick steel plate
It is made of 15mm thick wooden board, and there are 3 20mm * 20MM * 1.5mm steel reinforcing ribs at the bottom of the chair surface, which are welded with the frame of the seat. The movable table board is made of 2.0mm thick steel plate,
The surface of the table is provided with a long 60mm * * wide 35mm for an elliptical opening fixed by the handcuffs, and a fully enclosed storage space (made of special tools for opening and closing) is made of 1.5mm thick steel plates at the lower part, and the storage space is empty
A push and pull baffle, a handcuff fixing device (a locking rod made of phi 11mm solid round steel) and a control component thereof are arranged in the room. The table board is fixed with 2 bright hinges (the diameter of the shaft is 22mm)
The locking plate of the locking device is made of 10mm thick steel plates, and the effective overlap length is 10mm, and the control method of the table plate 
locking device and the shackle fixing device is pedal type,
The locking mechanism and the transmission mechanism are all concealed, and the locking rod of the shackle fixing device is made of phi 16mm round steel;
3. specifications: desktop height 770 + 10mm; seat board for 520 (width) * 420 (deep) + 10mm; seat plate height 550 + 10mm; back height 1060 + 20mm; 4. weight: 36 + 2KG
5. tensile strength of welded joints: 180N/mm2; fillet weld tensile strength: 150N/mm2;
6., impact resistance: desktop, seat surface, back of the chair under the impact of 30kg, not broken, deformation amount of 4.4mm;
Table 7. plate locking device of tensile strength is not less than 2200N; the tensile fixation device is mounted on the table board. The strength is not less than 2200N; tensile strength is more than 2500N shackles fixing device;
8. reliability: table plate locking device cycle 3000 times, in the 2200N force is not open and broken; 9. corrosion resistance: 9; 10. coating adhesion: 3;
11. fixed mode: four fixed; 12. standard configuration: each a pair of handcuffs, shackles (including key), cushion, cushion, cushion, table key armrest;
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