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  • Name: YST-SA-1 constraint blanket
  • NO.: YST-SA-1
  • Time: 2015-07-09
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ST-SA-1  constraint blanket

Constraint blanket is a kind of humanized restraint equipment. When law enforcement personnel disposal "flexible event", can suspect constraint effect on behavior, and make its legal personality dignity is maintained, but also can be used as the accidents such as natural disasters, traffic accidents, to rescue the soft stretcher used, since this natural products on the market because of its practicality, versatile and widely used.

1. Color: black

2. Dimensions: 1714mm (length) *1100mm (width)

3. Weight: 4.1㎏

4. Material: 1680DPU

5. Stitching strength of fabric: the constraint blanket applies 680N tension on the stitching surface to avoid splitting

6. The breaking strength of the fabric: the tensile force of the fabric is 1190N in the warp direction, and the phenomenon of fracture will not appear; Fabric in the weft applied 858N tension, no fracture phenomenon

7. Tensile strength: fix the belt on the tensile test machine, apply pressure to 500N at a speed of 5mm, and keep it for 30s, during which the belt body will not break

8. Brocade silk buckle belt: ① buckle strength is 10.N/㎝²; ② Tear strength is 1.6N/㎝; Durability: 5000 times after the fastening strength is 5.2N/㎝²

Execution standard: Q/SD02-2012 Constraint Blanket

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