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  • Name: XWY-SD-1 Interrogation chair
  • NO.: XWY-SD-1a
  • Time: 2015-07-09
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XWY-SD-1  Interrogation chair

1. Material: The main frame is made of Φ32mm steel pipe with 1.5mm wall thickness. The back and armrest of the chair are made of Φ10mm steel pipe with 1.5mm wall thickness. The seat surface is made of 1.5mm thick steel plate covered with 15mm thick wood. There are 3 20mm×20mm×1.5mm steel pipe reinforcing bars under the chair surface, which are welded and connected with the seat frame. The table top is made of 2.0mm thick steel plate. The table top is provided with an oval opening with a length of 60mm× 35mm for fixing handcuffs. The fully enclosed storage space is made of 1.5mm thick steel plate below (opened and closed by special tools). A push-pull baffle, a handcuff fixing device (the locking rod is made of Φ11mm solid round steel) and its control parts are installed in the storage space. The fixed side of the table is provided with two open hinges (diameter of the rotating shaft is φ22mm), and the movable side is provided with a table locking device. The locking tongue of the locking device is made of 10mm thick steel plate, and the effective lap length is 10mm. The control mode of the table locking device and the shackle fixing device is pedal type, and the locking mechanism and the transmission mechanism are hidden. The locking rod of the shackle fixing device is made of Φ16mm round steel.

2. Specifications: desktop height 770±10mm; The seat plate is 520(width)×420(depth)±10mm; The height of the seat plate is 550±10mm; Chair back height 1060±20mm;    3. Weight: 36±2 kg

4. Tensile strength of weld joint: 180N/mm2; Angle seam welding tensile strength: 150N/mm2;

5. Impact resistance strength: desktop, seat surface and chair back are not broken under the impact of 30kg, and the deformation is 4.4mm;

6. Tensile strength of table locking device: ≥2200N; The tensile strength of the handcuff fixing device installed on the table board: ≥2200N; The tensile strength of the shackle fixing device is more than 2500N;

7. Reliability: after 3000 cycles, the table locking device will not open or break under the force of 2200N;   8. Corrosion resistance: Grade 9;   9. Coating adhesion: 3 level;

10. Fixing method: four-legged fixing; 11. Configuration: standard handcuffs, shackles each pay (including key), seat cushion, cushion, armrest cushion, table key;

Executive standard: GA915-2010 Interrogation Chair

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