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  • Name: TJG-600-SD01 PC T Truncheon
  • NO.: TJG-600-SD01
  • Time: 2015-07-09
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TJG-600-SD01  PC T Truncheon

PP: Φ 3.1x58 (cm) 460g

PC: Φ 3.1x58 (cm) 580g

Strength: withstand the impact of 30㎏ sandbag, the whole is not broken, the deformation is less than 15mm

1. Material and appearance: Engineering plastic ABS190. One-time injection molding, the surface should be smooth, no cracks and visible deformation, no burrs, sand holes, blisters, corrosion, scratches and other defects;

2. Structure: T-shaped baton should be composed of a stick body and a T-shaped end. The stick body is divided into holding end and hitting end. The holding end and the T-end should have anti-slip dark stripes, and the T-end should have anti-release structure.

3. Color: black.

4. Rigid performance: T type baton applied 2000N static pressure, keep 30s, no crack and fracture, residual deformation: 2.1mm.

5. T-end strength: no crack or fracture occurs under 1500N static pressure at T-end.

6. Flame retardancy: surface continued burning time is less than or equal to 5s.

7. Resistance performance: T-shaped baton will not crack or fracture after being hit 1000 times continuously.

8. Environmental adaptability: -20℃~+55℃

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