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  • Name: SSG-600-A-C-SD second generation new type telescopic batons
  • NO.: SSG-600-A-C-SD
  • Time: 2015-07-09
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SSG-600-A-C-SD  second generation new type telescopic batons

1 Structure: second generation telescopic batons is made up of 3 sections steel baton, mainly made up of end ,rubber wrap,last section ,middle section and first section and rotation device .

Front of wrap with a folding metal armguard.

2 weight :688g

3 size: second generation telescopic batons expandable length is 610mm,  constrictive length: 260mm

4 Expandable performance : telescopic batons natural prolapse, does not automatically, when the strength of tensile fully, do not disconnect, it will not automatically retract;When put enough power can be fully retracted, after 1000 times of test, function normally.

5  Corrosion resistance: The second generation of new telescopic batons corrosion resistance level is 8

6 Tensile strength: The metal rigid applying 1000 n of static tension ,telescopic batons not disconnect, not breakdown.

7 Deformation: metal batons hanging weight 10 kg rigidity, the deformation is 1.5 mm.

8 Service life: after 1000s times beating ,telescopic batons scalability can remain unchanged, the finest part of the deformation is 3.2 mm.

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