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  • Name: SDTA-1C Handheld High Performance Metal Detector
  • NO.: SDTA-1C
  • Time: 2015-07-09
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SDTA-1C  Handheld High Performance Metal Detector

1. Structure: Handheld metal detector can detect metal objects, the detection sensitivity can be adjusted. DC9V battery power supply; The battery is built in and easily replaceable or recharged. The battery part is effectively isolated from the battery compartment to avoid corrosion by battery leakage;

2. Material: Engineering ABS;

3. Enclosure protection grade: IP31;

4. Dimensions (mm) : 416(L)×85(W)×43(Thickness);

5. Weight: 460g(including battery);

6. Power supply: A) Common type of battery power supply, power supply voltage ≤15V; B) Continuous working ≥40h; C) When the battery voltage drops to a level that may cause a reduction in detection performance, it has the function of under-voltage warning;

7. Radiation magnetic induction intensity: the radiation magnetic field emitted by the detector, the magnetic induction intensity at any point on its surface is 2.1μT;

8. Detection ability: Grade C;

9. Alarm sound: 76dB;

10. Continuous working stability: continuous working time ≥40h. The detector does not need to be adjusted during continuous operation, can work stably and reliably, and can meet the requirements in the standard;

11. Alarm display: there are differences between alarm display and non-alarm display. The alarm display is red, and can be clearly seen in the bright environment of 100001X and the dim environment of 251X;

12. Restoration of alarm state: the detector has the ability of automatic recovery of alarm state. The alarm indicator stops immediately after leaving the specified distance of the alarm test object;

13. environmental adaptability: indoor working type: 5℃~40℃±2℃; Outdoor working type: -20℃~55℃±2℃;

14. Mechanical vibration performance: frequency 10-55Hz, rate 1oct/min, amplitude 0.35mm, X, Y, Z three axis 30min each. After the test, the test meets the requirements in the standard;

15. Electrostatic discharge: according to GB/T17626.2-2006 electrostatic discharge immunity test, test grade ≥4, using contact discharge operation method for the test, the detector can work normally

Executive standard: GB12999-2003 General Technical Specification for Hand-held Metal Detectors

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