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  • Name: SDHA-1R intelligent remote control electronic footbuckle
  • NO.: SDHA-1R
  • Time: 2015-07-09
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SDHA-1R intelligent remote control electronic footbuckle

Structure: main machine, fixed steel frame, remote control, charger, key. Function: remote control alarm, electric shock, automatic duty, satellite positioning. Automatic duty means that the restricted person is out of the set warning range. Once beyond this range, two-way alarm and high-voltage electric shock can be automatically started to force him to take the initiative to return to the set range. Satellite positioning means to check the current geographic location of the criminal, you can edit two digital codes and send them to the SIM of the host phone. The phone will receive a short message from the host, which contains a detailed address indicating the current specific location of the host and a web address, which is linked to the network

Address, that is, a plane map representing the location.

Intelligent remote control electronic footbuckle is a new type of police torture device designed by our company for judicial special people, which has deterrence, firm, safe and convenient. Mainly used for: law enforcement officers to arrest prisoners, stop prisoners fighting, long-distance escort, movement outside prison, transfer to prison, medical treatment, court session, etc. When the detainees want to do wrong, the host will automatically execute the alarm electric shock command, remind law enforcement officers to strengthen the alert, its powerful electric shock function will make the prisoners can only be in the prison provisions of the scope of activity, otherwise it will automatically electric shock, to prevent or stop the prisoners escape the purpose. This product has advanced technology and stable quality. It has been adopted by many security and prison departments.

The main accessories of this product are: host machine, remote control, charger, special steel belt fixed lock, key, nylon coat, etc. Each set has a code, use to code.

Main parameters:

R SDHA - 1: Host working voltage :3.7V, electric shock voltage: 25kV ± 5kV, charging current :200mA, battery capacity :700mA, remote control working voltage :3.7V, host continuous standby time :72h, host continuous duty time :8h, remote control continuous duty time :8h, charging time :1-2h, automatic alarm distance :≥8m, The control distance is about 40m;

Executive standard: GA 443-2003  Electronic Footbuckle

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