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  • Name: BSDOA-3J reflective warning tape
  • NO.: BSDOA-3J
  • Time: 2015-07-09
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BSDOA-3J reflective warning tape

1. Appearance: the warning belt has uniform texture, neat edges, no burr, no bump, flat and smooth, and the ICONS and handwriting are correct and clear;

2. Material: reflective belt is reflective polyester cloth; The box is made of ABS plastic.

3. Specifications: length 60m, 120m, 240m, width 50±2mm.

4. Color: white and light yellow, in line with the requirements of "GA 375-2001 warning belt".

5. Reflection coefficient: 16(CD/LX.m2).

6. Fracture property: meridional fracture strength: 569N.

7. Longitudinal elongation at break is 23%.

Execution standard: "GA 375-2001 warning belt"

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