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  • Name: J-SD01 Transfer coating leather police badge pattern
  • NO.: J-SD01a
  • Time: 2015-07-06
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J-SD01  Transfer coating leather police badge pattern

1. Color: film shifting leather and its accessories are black; The emblem and the logo are silver white.

2. Structure: The first aid bag is a vertical rectangular leather bag, which is opened and closed with a zipper. After unfolding, there are three horizontal plane sockets on the left side, and two sockets in the upper and middle layers have two compartments respectively. On the right side there is a transverse plane slot, a vertical small stereo slot, a vertical large stereo slot and a transverse opening. The face and bottom of the transverse plane slot are lined.

3. Size: the length of the police first aid kit is 220mm±5mm, the width is 125mm±3mm, and the tolerance of the other dimensions is ±2mm.

4. Material: the outer surface and inner surface of the police first aid kit are made of film shifting leather; The first aid kit is lined with polyester filament Oxford

5. Leather tear strength: ≥25N/mm

6. Leather color fastness to friction/grade: dry rub, 50 times ≥4 grade; Wet rubbing, 10 times ≥3 grade

7. Flat strength of zipper: ≥600/N

8. The binding force of zipper puller piece: ≥250/N

 Execution standard: “GA/T172 2014 Metal Handcuffs”

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