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  • Name: ZBB-SD02A police equipment kit
  • NO.: ZBB-SD02A
  • Time: 2015-07-04
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ZBB-SD02A police equipment kit

1. Material: Made of flame-retardant Oxford fabric, added steel structure as its keel;

2. Size :575mm(height)×383mm(width)×212mm(thickness);

3. Rain performance: no leakage of police equipment bag after rain for 30min;

4. Surface moisture level: the surface moisture level of the fabric of the police equipment bag and the rain cover material is 3;

5. Hydrostatic pressure resistance: police equipment package fabric, rain cover material material hydrostatic pressure resistance of 20KPa;

6. Color fastness to light: The color fastness to light of the fabric of the police equipment bag is level 5;

7. Interface strength: the straps and straps of the police equipment bag are not broken after a strength of 600N;

8. Top breaking strength: police equipment including nylon mesh cloth after 400N strength, not damaged;

9. Fabric breaking strength: longitudinal 3650N does not break, weft 3050N does not break;

10. Colour fastness to friction: Colour fastness to friction of fabrics, straps and straps is level 3 for dry rubbing and level 3 for wet rubbing.

11. Tensile strength of woven belt: 50mm woven belt is 3180N; 38mm ribbon is 2350N; 25mm ribbon is 1850N;

12. The connection strength of the socket: the connection strength of the strap and belt socket is 856N; The chest strap socket is 556N;

13. The temperature resistance of the socket: under the environment of -30℃~55℃, the socket of the police equipment bag has no deformation, cracking or brittle crack;

14. Four pieces of side lifting strength: 22N;

15. Flat zipper strength: 10# is 856N; 8 # 753 n;

16. The binding force of the zipper puller: 556N;

17. PVC pipe temperature resistance: in -30℃~55℃ environment, police equipment PVC pipe package no change, no brittle crack.

Implementation standard: “GA 888-2010 police single police equipment police equipment package”

Detection number: NO.165189

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