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  • Name: Y SD-03N Multi-Purpose Belt
  • NO.: Y SD-03N
  • Time: 2015-07-04
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Y SD-03N Multi-Purpose Belt

1. Size: Main (horizontal) belt size 1100mm-1400mm

2. Color: white/black, the belt solder is matt silver white (nickel plating);

3. Quality: 1.38kg;

4. Structure: belt, slanting bag, handcuff sleeve, walkie-talkie sleeve, strong light flashlight sleeve, police work bag, police kettle sleeve, baton sleeve, pistol sleeve, tear ejection sleeve;

5. Material specification: belt solder is zinc alloy, belt body is 429dtex/48F nylon woven belt;

6. Colour fastness to friction: dry rub ≥4, wet rub ≥3-4;

7. Color fastness to brush: ≥3-4 grade;

8. Color fastness to sweat stains: ≥3-4 grade;

9. Color fastness to light: ≥5 grade;

10. Bevel belt buckle relay: ≥500N;

11. Stitching strength of the opening part of the mounting sleeve: ≥300N;

12. Four pieces of child button side lift strength: ≥15N ~ 30N;

13. (single set) magnetic snap side lifting strength: ≥10N;

14. Plunging performance of belt solder: afterforce 1600N, insertion and drawing ≥5000 times;

15. Formaldehyde content: <300mg/kg

Executive standard: "GA890-2010 public security single police equipment police multifunctional nylon belt"

Detection number: NO.158753

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