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  • Name: H SDAA-SH2 police flat kettle
  • NO.: H SDAA-SH2
  • Time: 2015-07-04
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H SDAA-SH2  police flat kettle

Function description: it is composed of pot body, pot stopper and pot lid. The inner and outer bladder is made of stainless steel. It is pressurized and sealed.

Technical parameters:

1. Structure material: flat police kettle is composed of kettle body, kettle stopper and kettle lid. The insulation kettle body is made of stainless steel double-layer vacuum structure, and the plastic pot stopper is made of pulling rod and water outlet structure.

2. Material: 0.6mm thick stainless steel plate (pot body, inner liner), pot stopper (plastic parts), pot cover is polypropylene resin, polycarbonate; The sealing ring is made of silicone rubber

3. Size: 195±1mm in height, 215mm±2mm in total height with lid, 85mm±1mm in width, 58mm±1mm in thickness, 37mm±1mm in inner diameter of pot.

4. Weight: The total mass of the empty kettle is 399g.

5. Volume: The nominal volume of the pot body is 500ml

6. Insulation performance: Pour hot water above 95℃ into the pot, the water surface is 5mm lower than the sealing place, after standing vertically for 24h, the water temperature in the pot is 47℃.

7. Sealing performance: after the sealing performance test, there is no water leakage at the mouth of the flat water kettle for police

8. Odor test: there is no odor inside and outside the pot body and pot stopper.

9. The resilience of the pot body: there is no deformation after the pot body springs back.

10. Connection strength of connecting accessories and kettle: connecting accessories and kettle are connected in good condition, without falling off or breaking.

11. The resilience of the pot body: there is no deformation after the pot body springs back

12. The service life of the pot stopper pulling rod: the number of pulling rod is more than 2000 times.

13. Drop performance: police flat kettle is a heat preservation kettle. After the drop test, the parts have no loosening or damage, and the outside of police flat kettle has local deformation. After the test, the insulation performance of the thermo-holding kettle meets the requirements.

Implementation standard: "GA887-2010 public security single police equipment police kettle"

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