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  • Name: FCF-J-SD06 stab-proof vest
  • NO.: FCF-J-SD06
  • Time: 2015-07-04
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FCF-J-SD06  stab-proof vest

1. Color: police blue;

2. Material: non-metal is stab-proof non-woven cloth, metal is stab-proof aluminum plate;

3. Structure: the jacket and the anti-stab layer are separated, easy to remove and wash. The anti-stab suit is flexible to wear and easy to take off.

4. The area of the anti-stab layer: ≥0.3m2, covering the main internal organs of the human body (including the front, back and side protection);

5. Sealing performance: the anti-piercing layer of the anti-piercing suit is black and sealed with a waterproof and light-proof protective cover;

6. Anti-stab performance: the test tool and counterweight composition of 2.4kg, with 24J±0.5J impact energy, according to 0°, 45° penetration Angle effectively thrust the anti-piercing suit, do not penetrate the anti-piercing suit;

7. Adaptability to climate and environment: -20℃ ~ +55℃

Execution standard: "GA68-2008 police stabbing suit"

Key words : stab-proof