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  • Name: DAB-SD-DJ4 (original D SD-DJ3) police standard cutting tools
  • NO.: DAB-SD-DJ4 (original D SD-DJ3)
  • Time: 2015-07-04
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DAB-SD-DJ4 (original D SD-DJ3)  police standard cutting tools

Police knife is a multi-function tactical knife, with stabbing, cutting, cutting, sawing, cutting, breaking glass, multi-function screwdriver and other functions. Can attack, uniform, self-defense, emergency rescue and other functions.

1. Color: the color of the blade is stainless steel matte color, the armguard, cutting mouth seat, slingshot, fixing belt is black, the hilt, tail cap, scabbard (including the back cover) and other engineering plastic parts are navy blue;

2. Weight: standard tool body is 296g, the total weight of standard tool is 625g;

3. Structure: the system tool is composed of the body and the scabbard part, the body is composed of the blade, the guard, the hilt, the broken glass and the tail cap, etc., the scabbard is composed of the body, the back cover, the cutting mouth seat, the slingshot seat, the slingshot frame and the fixed belt, etc.

4. Size: total length of 308mm±2mm, the total length of the tool body is 257mm±2mm, wherein the blade length of 145mm±1mm, the shank length of 109mm±1mm, the diameter of the shank is Φ28mm ±1mm.

5. Material: stainless steel for blade and gauntlet, alloy steel for needle, scissors seat and screwdriver, engineering plastic for scabbard;

6. Blade hardness: 54HRC ~ 58HRC;

7. Blade salt spray resistance grade: 8;

8. Pressure resistance of scabbard: the pressure resistance of the scabbard is 980N, and the scabbard is not cracked;

9. High temperature resistance of the scabbard: after constant temperature of 45℃±2℃ for 2h, the scabbard has no deformation;

10. Low temperature resistance and falling: after falling at -35℃±2℃ constant temperature for 2h, the scabbard will not break, no damage, the tool body will not come out from the scabbard, the parts will not be damaged, no deformation, tools and accessories will not fall;

11. Connection strength of the fixed belt: the connection strength of the fixed belt is ≥980N, the fixed belt and screws do not fall off, and the scabbard is not damaged;

12 cutting performance: the knife can cut the 5mm nylon rope with a knife;

13. Bending resistance of the tool body: the tool body is suspended with a weight of 60kg and kept for 30min without fracture or deformation;

14. Puncture performance: the knife can penetrate 1mm thick low carbon steel plate (Q235B), the blade is complete, without chipping, rolling or breaking;

15. Saw cutting performance: the knife can cut off Φ8mm low carbon steel (Q235B), sawtooth without rolling edge, chipping edge, fracture phenomenon;

16. Chopping performance: the knife can cut off φ30mm wet and hard wood, and the blade has no rolling edge, chipping edge or fracture;

17. Searing performance: the cutter can cut the Φ4mm low carbon steel wire (Q235B), and the cutting mouth has no rolling edge, chipping edge or fracture phenomenon. The positioning shaft of the cutting mouth seat has no deformation or fracture phenomenon.

18. Performance of broken glass: the glass breaker can break the tempered glass after 8mm, the firing reliability is greater than or equal to 90%, and it can be reset reliably after firing;

19. Screwdriver mounting performance: the screwdriver (four specifications) installed in the cutting mouth seat on the six-way connecting head, does not fall off;

20. Tools and accessories: equipped with screwdriver (four specifications), grindstone, tourniquet, slingshot, fishing hook, fishing line, drop, scalpel, band-aids, sewing thread, pins and other accessories;

Executive standard: "GA885-2010 public security single police equipment police standard cutter"