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  • Name: C SD pepper spray
  • NO.: C SD
  • Time: 2015-07-04
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C SD pepper spray

1. Color: the main color of the ejector is black, and the printed words, police badge pattern and nozzle are white;

2. Weight: 100g±5g;

3. Structure: the pepper spray is composed of a tank, a bag valve assembly, a pepper spray solution, a jet assembly and a protective cap assembly;

4 size (mm) : high pepper spray is 149mm + 1mm; Phi diameter 35 mm + / - 0.2 mm; The bag size is 101mm×77mm;

5. Material: The tank is made of aluminum; The lacrimal agent in the lacrimal injector is CS, the content of which is 3% ~ 5%;

6. Liquid volume: 50ml±2ml, volume: 110ml;

7. Jet performance: the tear-jerker is a directional jet, the jet distance is 4.5m, the effective jet time is 8s, and the jet rate is 7.5g/s;

8. Environmental adaptability: -30℃ ~ +55℃;

9. Vibration performance: the pepper spray with packaging, after the acceleration amplitude of 2m/s2, frequency of 5Hz ~ 55Hz vibration test, no disintegration, no leakage, no burst;

10. Insurance safety: equipped with safe and reliable safety device to prevent accidental spray;

11. Pressure safety: after the 980N pressure test, the pepper spray does not disintegrate, leak or burst;

12. Drop safety: the pepper spray does not disintegrate, leak or burst after the drop test of 1.2m height;

13. Stability: under the condition of intact packaging and satisfying storage conditions, the product surface will not peel off, disintegrate, leak or burst within 3 years, without affecting the effect of pepper spray;

14. Sealing performance: after vibration and drop test, the pepper spray is placed in 0.5m deep water without leakage.

Executive standard: "GA884-2010 public security single police equipped with police pepper spray"

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