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  • Name: SLF-SD01 Water Cooling Suit (optional parts for EOD suit)
  • NO.: SLF-SD01
  • Time: 2015-07-03
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SLF-SD01 Water Cooling Suit (optional parts for EOD suit)

To provide a safe and cool environment for people who need to concentrate in extremely hot conditions. Ideal for handling explosives and monitoring operators, for people in armed vehicles without air conditioning, firefighters, mine detectors, etc., using ice water to remove the heat generated by operators on the job, especially in hot environments. Made of fireproof kameer material. The test shows that the suit has the functions of anti-high pressure, anti-shattering, bulletproof and heat-proof, etc. It is suitable to wear in the explosion-proof suit, anti-chemical suit, and under the condition of cooling.

Technical parameters:

Heat replacement: 300W;

Duration: 45 min at 35 ° C (95°F)

Control device: off/on/flow control;

Refrigerating substances: ice and water;

Power supply: 12V;

Weight: 2.0kg for clothing and pump

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