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  • Name: LZ-D-SDFA-2C Automatic remote control roadblock
  • NO.: 372
  • Time: 2011-12-16
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LZ-D-SDFA-2C Automatic remote control roadblock

1. It consists of telescopic system, spike, battery pack (rechargeable), control system, remote transmitter, etc.The fastening parts are firm and reliable. the moving parts are flexible and reliable, and the connection between the parts is easy.

2. Working power supply: 11.1v 5200mAh high-performance polymer lithium battery pack, with overload and over-discharge protection.

3. Digital display working voltage(only LZ-D-SDFA-2C1 )

4. Effective length of roadblock:0-9m

5. Effective length of needle:35mm

6. Effective spacing of needle: 75mm

7. Open time: <7S

8. Control distance:40m

9. Effective intercept length of roadblock:9m

10. Puncture the tyre thickness

11. Flexibility of operation: remote operation, automatic expansion and closure, coordination of each component, the expansion or acquisition time shall not exceed 1min

12. Weight: 7.26kg

13. Continuous working time: continuous rewinding operation ≥100 times, standby time ≥100 hours

14. Charging power supply: 110~240V  50HZ

15. Environmental adaptability: -40~+55

16. Needle pulling force: the needle will not fall off when it bears 30N pulling force in the axial direction, and the needle will fall off immediately when 100N pulling force is applied

17. Effective interception time: when the wheel of the car runs over the roadblock, the tire loses its inflation pressure for no more than 60 seconds

18. Size: 430(W)×560(L)×90(T)mm

19. Load capacity:20T

20. Material:the shell is made of stainless steel, the baseband is made of aluminum alloyNeedle material: stainless steel or iron pipe quenching and blackening

21. Charging mode: intelligent charger, input 110~220v, full stop

22. Reliability: when the battery power is too low, the roadblock can be manually removed, so as not to affect the normal use

23. Remote control distance: ≥40m, the control personnel can be far away from the interception site, which avoid unpredictable safety hazards after the vehicle deflates

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