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  • Name: SDZA-1B Black Hawk Demolition Tool
  • NO.: 344
  • Time: 2011-12-15
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SDZA-1B  Black Hawk Demolition Tool

Demolition tool combination: a full set of equipment is composed of a breaking mallet and a bag of breaking tools;

Door-breaking tool backpack: including stylus, scissors, iron axe, backpack bag; (the backpack is made of 1000 Denier Ny Taneon nylon material, covered with back foam and adjustable shoulder straps, the total weight is 11 kg) Stylus: made of alloy A two-way stylus; cutting pliers: high plastic wind material cutting pliers, good red hardness, overcoming the shortcomings of carbon tool steel losing the ability to cut metals at high temperatures, and the grip handle design achieves leverage; iron axe: anti-static The non-slip advanced polymer grip handle, and the coating is added so that the iron axe will not absorb glass fragments.

Weight: about 24KG

Inspection No.: Public Shanghai Inspection No. 1841141

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