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  • Name: FBT-SD01 T2 explosion-proof blanket
  • NO.: FBT-SD01-T2
  • Time: 2011-10-24
  • Views : 34

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Produced using the world's leading explosion-proof aramid fiber blanket, explosion-proof fence. When used alone when the explosion-proof blankets, two 67-style wooden handle hand grenades (equivalent 75gTNT other equivalent explosives) detonated, 1m away from the explosion center personnel from outside the fatal injury. When 200gTNT naked drug when detonated, 3m away from the explosion center personnel from fatal injuries. When the explosion-proof blankets when used with explosion-proof tank, the 800gTNT charge explosion experiments, to achieve the desired effect, explosion proof tank blanket can replace heavy sandbags Park to stop the explosive materials in the shock wave generated by the explosion and debris.

Explosion-proof blanket size is 1600mm * 1600mm. Enclosure size, Φ600mm, H670mm, with easy to carry, easy to operate, excellent antiknock characteristics of public security, armed police, civil aviation, railways, ports, customs and other departments proof necessary equipment.

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