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  • Name: FBG-G1-SD02 Explosion-proof tank
  • NO.: FBG-G1-SD02
  • Time: 2011-12-16
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FBG-G1-SD02  Explosion-proof tank

1. Structure: Consists of an inner tank, an outer tank, an energy-absorbing buffer layer, etc.; this tank is open and has no upper cover;

2. Material size: The circular cross-section structure of the tank body is from the inside to the outside: 1 circle of 10.0mm thick steel plate + 3 circles of energy-absorbing buffer layer + 1 circle of 8.0mm thick steel plate (partially reinforced) + 1 circle of 1m thick stainless steel decorative plate; The inner diameter of the inner tank is φ450mm and the depth is 570m; the outer diameter of the outer tank is φ680mm and the height is 650mm; the cross-sectional structure of the tank bottom is from the inside to the outside: energy-absorbing buffer layer + 10.0mm thick steel plate + energy-absorbing buffer layer + 8.0mm thick steel plate +6mm thick steel reinforcement ribs; the inner tank of the anti-riot tank is equipped with a cloth pocket for explosives, and the bottom of the outer tank is equipped with 4 casters;

3. Weight: 265kg;

4. Explosion-proof capability: place 1.5Kg TNT powder (density 1.55g/cm3~1.6 g/cm3) on the cloth pocket of explosives in the explosion-proof tank, and the distance between the center of the drug block and the bottom of the inner tank is 183mm with a No. 8 electric detonator After detonation and blasting, the tank body has no dumping, burning, dense smoke, etc.; the outer tank body is complete without cracks or perforations, and the tank body accessories are not falling off.

Executive standard: "GA 871-2010 Explosion-proof Tank"

Inspection No.: Public Police Inspection (Commission) No. 1150174

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