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  • Name: JD-SD04D Shoulder Light
  • NO.: JD-SD04D
  • Time: 2019-06-26
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JD-SD04D  Shoulder Light

Protection level of shell: IP30

Shell mechanical strength: Each surface of the shell that can be normally contacted can withstand a collision of 0.5J, and the shoulder lamp can work normally

Working mode: shoulder lamp can be switched between lighting mode and flash mode

Illumination: under the flashing mode of shoulder lamp, the visible distance at night is not less than 200 meters

Continuous working time: after full charge, continuous working time in lighting mode ≥8h, continuous working time in flash mode ≥10h

Anti-vibration performance: frequency 10 ~ 55Hz, amplitude 0.35mm, each sweep frequency 3 times to cycle, each 5min, the shoulder lamp can work normally after the test;

Impact resistance: 15g, 11ms, once per axial direction;The shoulder lamp can work normally after test

Environmental applicability: -20℃~+50 ℃±3℃

Shoulder light fixture: 360° rotation

Implementation of product standards: jd-sd05s shoulder lamp Q/ sd18-2015 technical conditions and GB/T 15211-2013 environmental adaptability requirements and test methods for safety protection and alarm equipment

Report no. : Shanghai inspection 158750

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