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  • Name: JD-SD08 Shoulder Light
  • NO.: JD-SD08
  • Time: 2019-06-22
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JD-SD08  Shoulder Light

Structure: Shoulder lamp by flash, lighting, clip, charger and other components.Flash consists of 14 φ3mm led flash, 6 on one side, 2 on the other side, 3 on each end, lamp is composed of luminescent tubes with a diameter of 8mm, light tube parts for the red and blue transparent PC composition.The shoulder lamp clip adopts gear mesh and can rotate 360° in both directions.

Size: 90mm(L)×34mm(W)×30mm(H)

Weight:: 50kg(without charger and packing)

Basic function: flash mode:Press the function key to realize flash → lighting → turn off →...Cyclic model of; ②.red flash → blue flash → red and blue flash; ③In flash mode, the number of flashes of red and blue flashing lights varies with the rotation Angle and direction of the shoulder light;④Continuous working time of flash: after the shoulder lamp is fully charged, the flash mode should be able to work continuously for no less than 5 hours

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