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  • Name: XFD-SD01 Fire emergency lighting fixtures
  • NO.: XFD-SD01
  • Time: 2019-06-19
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XFD-SD01  Fire emergency lighting fixtures

1. Rated power supply voltage: AC220V±10%;

2. Rated working frequency: 50Hz;

3. Battery model and specification: 2.4v emergency lamp used battery is 2.4v500mah nicad battery, 1.2v emergency lamp used battery is 1.2v800mah nicad battery;

4. Enclosure protection grade: IP30;

5. Emergency light source parameters: led current 120mA;

6. Emergency conversion time: < 2S;

7. Emergency output luminous flux: ≥50Lm;

8. Charging time: < 24 hours;

9. Emergency time: > 90 minutes;

10. Implementation standard: Fire Emergency Lighting And Evacuation Indication System GB17945-2010;

11. External wiring of internal junction box: according to the definition of fire electronic products quality supervision and inspection center, the protection grade of fire emergency lamps is IP30;This luminaire is limited to indoor use. It is defined as a line through external wiring of 0.75 mm (mm) or less, but a line through 0.5 mm (mm) when the internal wiring current is less than 2A.

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