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  • Name: SDHA-4A electronic foot ring system for escape
  • NO.: SDHA-4A
  • Time: 2019-06-19
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SDHA-4A  electronic foot ring system for escape

This system adopts professional customized 4G portable camera to record escort process and upload video and audio through 4G pictures real time. Based on the mobile intelligent software and hardware platform, it supports PTT voice intercom, GPS+ beidou dual-mode positioning, police WeChat and other application expansion, satisfying emergency communication.

The ultra-wideband accurate ranging technology of electronic foot buckle and handheld terminal will alarm when the distance between the detainee and the police custody exceeds specified distance. Compared with the demarcated area alarm, the ultra-wide band accurate ranging technology of this system is more accurate and has lower requirements on the operation difficulty of the police, which is not limited by the scene.

The electronic foot buckle has built-in GPS+LBS dual positioning function. The material is made of alloy stamping technology. At the same time, the battery life is long and the continuous working time is more than 285 hours.

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